New results on implicit delay fractional differential equations with impulsive integral boundary conditions

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2 Department of Mathematics Sri Vasavi College Erode


Fractional calculus is a natural extension of ordinary calculus, where integrals and derivatives are defined for arbitrary real orders. Since the development of fractional calculus in the 17th century, numerous derivatives have been developed, including Riemann-Liouville, Hadamard, Grunwald-Letnikov, Caputo, and others. There are numerous works devoted to various fractional operators because the selection of an appropriate fractional derivative (or integral) depends on the system under consideration.
Impulsive differential equations have played an important role in modeling phenomena. Since the last century, some authors have used impulsive differential systems to describe the model, particularly in describing dynamics of populations subject to abrupt changes as well as other phenomena like harvesting, diseases, and so forth
In this paper, we analyze the existence results for implicit fractional differential equations with impulsive delay integral boundary conditions. The sufficient conditions are established to prove the existence results by using the fixed point theorems such as Banach contraction principle and Schaefer’s fixed point theorem. An application is illustrated through an example.


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