Aims and Scope

Journal of Fractional Calculus and Applications (JFCA) is a peer-reviewed international journal, that publishes both surveys/reviews and research articles on all the fields of Mathematics concerning fractional-calculus analysis, fractional-order differential and integral equations and its applications in all fields of Science.

A significant emerging area of research activity covers:

  • Fractional Calculus operators,
  • Derivatives and integrals of fractional orders,
  • Fractional order Differential Equations,
  • Fractional order Integral equations,
  • Dynamical analysis,
  • Mathematical Engineering,
  • Mathematical Physics,
  • Mathematical Biology,
  • Mathematical economic,
  • Control Theory,
  • Chaos Theory,
  • Special Functions,
  • Applied Mathematics.
  • Complex Analysis
  • Quantum Calculus (q-calculus),
  • The applications of the fractional Calculus in all the fields of sciences, 
  • And any other related topics.